3/4/19: Snow Day? More like “No”day

I went to sleep last night, exhausted from a day of renovations. I slept like a rock, hopeful that our two hour delay would turn into a day off. I had mountains of work to do left sitting on my desk. Once waking up, I was so sad to realize that our two hour delay remained, and I would have to go to work. I was in at work an hour early, getting sub plans ready for the afternoon and the next day. Things kept popping up, like forgetting to get homework ready for the week, printing sub plans for another co-worker, fixing problems with meeting times, responding to parent requests for meetings, and writing priority lists for the next two days for my paras. It got to the point where I was jogging to and from the copier- in my snow boots, nonetheless. Why is it that the morning when we have half the time available is the morning when we have the most to do? I wish I had a morning where I could sip my coffee from an actual mug in the cabinet (not a travel mug), cuddle with my favorite boy (my cat Carl), and ask my husband for just two more minutes to lay in bed and not shovel 20 times. I would be far more caught up than I am now! And much more well rested 🙂

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